Sunday, May 3, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XV: Let Me Show You the Door!

The door is finally on the cart! The first order of this particular part of business was building the jamb:

Turns out I got all my measurements right; as you can see here, the door fits pretty nicely in the jamb, with just about an 1/8" gap:

I had to shim the Hell out of the strike side, and will probably want to stuff some insulation in there, but once I got the jamb in place and got the door on its hinges, everything was nice and square and plumb. Here are a couple shots of the door on the cart:

Next, I took the door off and sawed it roughly in half. I now have a Dutch door, which will be nice in the Summer:

Of course, I'll need to get a knob and a couple of dead-bolts for the door. I also got the rest of the interior sheathing up this weekend. Next step here is to install the FRP and the stainless...

There's a pretty nice view of the Fremont Bridge right out of the garage bay (we also get a lot of trains going by):

One other fortuitous development this weekend was that Steven Shomler, author of Portland Food Cart Stories and host of Tasty Tuesdays on the Portland Radio Project, came by a barbecue I had on Saturday with his radio producer, Ken Wilson. They're interested in interviewing me once I'm almost ready to open. That'll be a fantastic bit of exposure. Many thanks, Steven and Ken! Oh, and thanks as well to Risa Dale for the door, and to James for helping to hang it!


Anonymous said...

that's a pretty fancy door! Good job!

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