Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XXIII: The Door is Complete!

After spending a couple of weeks on vacation in Michigan, and another couple of weeks re-integrating into society back here in Portland, I've gotten back to work on the cart in earnest. This weekend revolved around the door. I bought a knob, and dead bolts for the upper and lower halves of the door. Before I installed those, however, I filled in a few sections of wood that had been gouged out by a previous owner, primarily where the old knob had been:

After filling and sanding, the door was ready for a few coats of paint (turning a dark brown door into a yellow one, it turns out, takes a bit more than a few coats...), and then for its new hardware:

Once the knob and dead bolts were in place, I drilled out holes in the jamb for them, and installed the strike:

I then painted said jamb and strike...

...And the door is now fully functional:

I painted the mill work with the maroon I've chosen for the exterior trim, and replaced the glass in the window with a piece of bead board, painted to match the door:

The rest of the cart, once the siding is on, will be painted in this same yellow. Because it's a little on the mustardy side, I'll probably get a can of slightly paler yellow and paint on a subtle ghosted bamboo pattern or some such to break it up a bit. But for now, I'm liking the color.

I also started work on gluing the board insulation to the ceiling/roof panels, and getting them into place. The middle section is the first one I've completed. It sits nice and flush with the joists:

Next weekend will involve finishing the other two sections, and most likely a round of phone calls to electricians, exhaust hood folks and Curtis trailer, whom I'm getting all of my plumbing supplies from. Stay tuned!