Sunday, January 24, 2016

Food Cart Project Part XXXVIII: Ceiling, etc.

I got a number of things done on the cart this weekend. The first task knocked out of the way was installing and painting the threshold:

After painting this, and then walking across it a few times, it occurred to me that white may not be the smartest color for a threshold. So, I'll probably paint it a nice practical gray at some point. I also built an awning for the front window. I'll most likely be serving out of this window, rather than the side window, and being that the materials are cheap and the build is easy, I decided to make another one rather than repurpose the first one...

The main accomplishment this weekend, however, was installing FRP panels on the ceiling to cover up the joists and insulation. This was a two person job, for sure. James, who does lapidary work at Civilian, gave me a hand with the first half of the job, and my friend Devin pitched in for the second half. This gives the ceiling a much more finished look, obviously, and I'm pretty sure the health inspector wouldn't have been down with the exposed ceiling guts...

I was hoping to meet up with the electrician this weekend as well, but he couldn't seem to make it happen. I may just be calling another electrician here in the next day or two. Hopefully, you'll be seeing a post revolving around outlets, conduit and a panel before much longer. Either way, stay tuned!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Food Cart Project Part XXXVII: Roof completed

The past couple weeks have been spent finishing up the roof. The first thing I did after getting it into place was to build a soffit around it to keep the wind from pulling it off:

I got some plywood in place in front of the soffit, to cover the exposed Tyvek, and once that was done, I was ready to paint. Here are a couple shots of the end result:

This is a big step forward in terms of having the exterior more or less finished, but there's still much work to be done. The graywater tank still needs to be mounted, and the internal plumbing is only about halfway done. I'm also still sorting out scheduling with my electrician, hoping to have that work done by the end of the month. And, I'm only just starting to poke around about finding a space to rent. But the end, or rather the beginning, is in sight... Stay tuned!