Sunday, April 26, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XIV: Ready For Siding!

So, I finally got the back wall framed and into place:

I also got the last of the exterior plywood sheathing up:

Here's what the corners look like, by the way. Each wall has two 2x4s at the top, and the upper one is either 3 1/2 inches shorter or 3 1/2 inches longer than the wall itself. These then overlap at the corners and  the walls are nailed to each other. This gives any basic box, be it a food cart, a shed or a house, a lot of rigidity:

The next step was wrapping the walls in Tyvek house wrap. You've seen this stuff before if you've ever walked or driven by a typical "stick farm" neighborhood development in progress. It's a waterproof, breathable membrane that waterproofs the structure while allowing water vapor to escape from inside. It's essentially GoreTex for buildings, and lives under the siding. Here are a couple views of that:

I also started facing the interior of the cart this weekend with plywood. Fiberglass reinforced plastic will eventually be glued in place over that. Here it is on the sink wall:

Still haven't gotten the door hung. That, and the windows, will be at the top of next weekend's to-do list. But much progress made...

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