Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XII: Walls Rising!

Having gotten the new axle, springs and hubs installed on the trailer, and the floor secured to the frame, I've spent the past few days put-ting up walls for the cart. I started with the cooking wall. This is the wall that will house the refrigerator, mise space and cooking area. For those of you who like to keep track, I'll be using magnetic induc-tion burners, deep fryers, an under-counter convection oven and sous vide for proteins; yes, that's right, no propane or gas! Magnetic induction is a great way to cook, and it kicks out a lot less ambient heat than gas powered burners or flat-tops, which will be really nice come those dog days of August. Anyway, here's what that looks like:

I then put up the sink wall. As you might guess, this is where the three compartment ware sink, as well as the hand washing sink, will be. One of the windows will be on this wall as well, which may serve as the service window. Otherwise, a prep space will occupy that spot:

Next up was the end wall, which, once I have the top plate in place, will be attached at the corners to the other two walls, and shore the cart up considerably with respect to rigidity. This wall, as you can see, will have its own window, which I'm hoping to use as the service window. In that case, this will be the "front" of the cart:

The remaining wall will be the "back" wall, and that's where the door will be. This will be the most challenging, as before I build it I have to essentially teach myself, virtually, how to hang a door, so I get the measurements of the door opening right. Windows are surprisingly easy; doors, those are a little tricky... At any rate, here's an overall view of the trailer, on its jack stands, proudly sporting its new walls:

So, much forward movement made again this weekend, just like last. I had a lot of help hoisting these walls into place from my fellow artisans at Civilian Studios; Austin, of course, as well as James and Elise, and a couple other folks whose names I don't yet know, but really should... Thanks a million, everybody!

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