Monday, May 25, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XVIII: Painting and Formica!

This weekend was all about painting, and finishing the counters I built last weekend. All of the trim is now painted, as are the shelves and counter bases. I also cut the Formica to size and glued it onto the tops and fronts of the countertops themselves:

There are still a few spots that need to be retouched with paint, of course, and some adhesive overage that needs to be cleaned up, but overall it came out really well. I used a construction adhesive called Liquid Nails to secure the Formica, and it set up pretty nicely. The counter on the left in the foreground will have holes cut out for the sinks once I have them. The counter behind that will be for prep and/or service. On the right, from back to front, are the counters for mise-en-place, induction burners and deep fryers. Underneath those last two, I'll put in shelves for the immersion circulator and convection oven. There's one more section of counter that still needs to be built and Formica-ed. This will go underneath the front window, and rather than sit on a base, will be suspended between the counters on either side of it (and probably supported with a couple of wall mounted brackets as well), the reason being that legs would likely get in the way of putting in the under-counter freezer. Here's the view from the other end:

I also started building the ceiling/roof structure, but that's not far enough along yet to warrant a photo; should have something tangible built by the end of next weekend, though. I was also planning on visiting the credit union with my business plan today to apply for a loan, but having failed to take into account that today is a holiday, I'm going to have to put that on the agenda for next Friday. Hope everyone's having a good Memorial Day!

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It just keeps looking better and better!