Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Band in Portland?

Right at the moment? Quite possibly...

I spent much of today filling in nail holes, in advance of tomorrow's painting project. Predictably enough, I grew bored of this task by late afternoon, and out of curiosity had myself a look at the Doug Fir's website to see what was going on over there on this fine evening. As it turned out, Amadan were tonight's headliners.

Hailing from Corvallis, Amadan are about the best celtic frat rock band you're going to see in Oregon. Which is all well and good, but... they're celtic frat rock. Which I just wasn't into tonight. But on a lark, I checked out the link to one of the opening bands, Portland's Tango Alpha Tango. And I gotta tell ya, after checking out a few songs on their MySpace page, I was impressed. And if you know me, you're undoubtedly well aware that that's not a word I use lightly when it comes to music. So I headed off to the Doug Fir to see these guys in the flesh...

Now I don't wanna get all wordy on ya here, so I'll just leave it at this: Tango Alpha Tango delivered. Period. With a capital P. If you live anywhere near Portland, you HAVE to see this band, before they get so big that you can't see them locally anymore. Seriously. These guys may well be the next Builders and Butchers. If you live elsewhere, well... Nevermind.

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