Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to Portland!

Much as I love the feel of that Michigan sand between my toes, I have to tell you I'm glad to have my feet planted back on terra firma here in Oregon. But if you'll indulge me a few photos of my last day in Michigan... Here's one of the Frasco/Daly cottage, where I was put up this past week:

My flight didn't leave until 3:47 this afternoon, but I had to head up to Traverse a bit early to meet up with my friend Char:

And Muxley, of course:

Here's a shot of Char, her better half Michael and the Muxster:

Char moved away from Portland a little over a year ago, when she and Mux decided to take up with Michael, a fellow Michigan boy (very intersting story about how those two met, by the way. I'll tell it to you sometime). Their original plan was to settle in Vermont, but finding that the locals were none too welcoming (Wheyah yah say yah from? Oh, ayuh, ayuh... Whennah yah goin' back?), they decided to park themselves in Traverse. Turns out Michael spent his summers on, where else, Crystal Lake... North shore, though, so I probably wouldn't have known him.

Char and Michael have opened a furniture shop in downtown Traverse called Mend. And as there's only so much furniture to be sold in those parts, they're doing a good amount of freelance graphic design work as well. They've settled in and bought themselves some property, so it would seem that they're making a go of it. Much as I'd love to have the three of 'em (four actually, as they've added another dog, Powell, into the mix) back in P-town, I wish them the best of luck in my old stomping grounds of northern Michigan. For my part, it never hurts to know a couple more folks in TC!

My last act before heading to the airport was to pick up a slab of Chocolate Pecan fudge at Doug Murdick's:

Did I mention being a bit put off that they don't have this stuff at Commuinty Drug in Frankfort anymore? Yeah, I think I might've...

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