Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meme of the Moment: The Naked Fridge

Showing the contents of one's refrigerator seems to be all the rage lately on the fugosphere (food blogosphere, that is...), and while my fridge isn't nearly as attractive as some of the gleaming Sub-Zeros I've checked out online lately, I thought I'd have a crack at it myself nonetheless. This isn't a bad idea, really. It raises an interesting anthropological question: How do the contents of one's refrigerator reflect the personality and culture of the owner of said chillbox? I'm operating on four hours' sleep at the moment, so I'm not touching that one, but any comments on this would be more than welcome.

As for my fridge, well let's see, what's in there... A lot of locally produced items, such as organic yogurt (Nancy's), cage free eggs (Stiebrs), some cheese (Rogue Creamery), canned fish (Old Oregon Smoke House), butter (Rogue creamery again), some tasty Oregon produce (from, well... Oregon), a couple of rotting Nanaimo bars (not sure where those are from, but I think it's safe to say they're not from Nanaimo...) and, horror of horrors, some Kraft salad dressing (not local... Cincinnati, maybe?). And a whole bunch of other stuff that needs to be thrown out!

The freezer offers some more interesting items, many of which are leftovers from recent culinary projects, such as potato-leek puree, lamb reduction and a few ice cube trays full of chicken stock. You'll also notice, in the upper right corner, ten pounds of antelope bones, which will soon be turned into antelope stock (and subsequently, antelope demi-glace; watch for that in a future post).

Up top, we have a jar of all-purpose flour, a bag of bread flour, bamboo skewers, some sushi rice and a box labelled "toaster" (I'm pretty sure there's a toaster in there).

All right then, I've shown you mine... Now show me yours!


Trisha said...

Do you really need a photo of some Totino's pizza rolls?

tommy said...

Yes, I suppose you have a point there. And what's this I hear about you hatin' on the fish? That's just wack.

Trisha said...

Tommy, fish is wack! I vomit in my mouth a little bit whenever I think of eating fish. That's just me though I guess.