Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let the Gardening Begin!

Well, I finally got the garden out, or about two thirds of it anyway. This is a project I'd started last Spring, but when I killed all of my seedlings I lost interest. This year I was extra careful with the watering, feeding and hardening off of the seedlings, and while most of them lived, they turned out pretty spindly and pathetic. So I threw in the towel. I went out and bought a bunch of starts this weekend, and I'm okay with that... I am gardening! I've got the first two beds planted with tomatoes (Roprecco, San Marzano, Oregon Spring and Green Zebra), peppers (Cal Wonder and Red Beauty), cucumbers (Lemon and Burpless), and one variety each of snap peas and zucchini. I haven't decided what will go in the third bed yet, but I have a hunch it will be squash and melons of one sort or another, and perhaps some eggplant. I also have to finish the cloches by adding plastic on the sides and ends which can be rolled up for ventilation during the day. That'll be next weekend's project.

I've also got a separate herb garden, with basil, parsley and chives so far (to be finished off with some tarragon, thyme and purple basil):

And here's a good shot of my neighbor's cat chillin' on the patio:

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Trisha said...

Hopefully there won't be a shot of the neighbor's cat crapping in the garden.