Monday, April 9, 2007


This would be me, in that classic "taking a picture of myself without revealing too much of what I look like" pose. Because you have to understand, this isn't about Tommy. It's about what Tommy eats.

Welcome to Macerating Shallots, my personal outlet for ruminations on all things edible.

I've been blogging for a while now, under the title "Tha Angry Liberal," and while I of course remain an angry liberal, lately I'm finding myself focusing more and more of my creative energy into destroying my kitchen (I'm not kidding. A seemingly innocent experiment with something like jambalaya can take weeks to clean up. Ask my housemates).

All of this chopping, sauteing, mixing, kneading, baking, broiling, blanching and shocking and occasionally slicing off the tips of my thumbs naturally brings with it the desire to share these culinary exploits, insane as they may at times be, with the world. That's you.

The following posts were originally put up on TAL (the first two earlier tonight, the other two back in January - some of you will get a laugh out of the chili post, I'm sure), and while they are technically re-runs, they're fascinating nonetheless, so read them. At least twice.

Tha Angry Liberal will live on, of course, but it just doesn't make sense to blog about food over there. Food should not be angry. Nay, food MUST not be angry! Thus, I give you... Macerating Shallots. Buon Appetito!



The Pastry Pirate said...

Tommy, will you marry me? Any guy who references macerating (one of my favorite activities, right up there with chiffonading...) and uses the word "nay" in a sentence must be the Platonic Ideal of Man... Love the blog... can I add it to my list on my blog?

tommy said...

By all means, blogroll me! I'll even return the favor, once I get my links set up. Now off with you, go do some macerating and chiffonading!