Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grocery shopping, squirrel style

This was just way too funny to ignore. Here we see one of the squirrels that live in the roof over the porch of the house next door. We'll call him Clyde. Clyde's been out foraging for edibles, and it appears he's found himself a nice chunk of crusty, artisanal bread. From the looks of it, I would guess that it's the Country Blonde pain au levain from Ken's Artisan Breads, which is made with a blend of organic white, whole wheat, whole rye and spelt flours. An excellent table bread, it's also ideal for sandwiches and toast. Very nice choice, Clyde! The only problem is...'s too big to fit through the front door! We've all had this problem, of course, but it usually involves a couch. I've just checked on Clyde's progress, and it looks like he finally got it in as I've been writing this. Nice work, Clyde! Your efforts will be rewarded with a tasty feast indeed!

1 comment:

The Pastry Pirate said...

lol... tho, unlike a couch, he could have nibbled it down to size.