Sunday, March 13, 2016

Food Cart Project Part XXXIX: Electrical and Grey Water

A handful of very significant things have happened over the past few weeks. First, the electrical work was done. I contracted West Side Electric to do this work, and their guy banged it out in just six hours. I went with a 100 amp panel, with plenty of circuits:

Naturally, there are outlets throughout the cart. Here's a "quad" which will accommodate the lights:

Here's another quad for the rice cooker, and incidentals like charging the phone or running a fan when it gets hot out:

Here are some outlets for the induction burners and deep fryers:

I also installed the grey water tank. I mounted it to the floor joists using steel strapping. The tank itself is 52 gallons...

It's fitted with a coupling, a knife valve and a cap which has a hose attachment. I'll need to pick up a pump at the hardware store, but otherwise, my grey water set-up is in place:

The outflow plumbing, once installed, will connect to the grey water tank through this hole in the floor:

The most important thing that's happened recently, though, is that I found a space for the cart, and signed a lease. I'll be at the Piedmont Station cart pod on NE Killingsworth and 7th. A very big milestone, obviously. So, things are getting pretty close to finished with respect to construction, and I'm not far from being operational. Stay tuned!

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