Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Typical Portland Saturday...

So Risa and I headed off this morning to check out the grand opening of Flavourspot's new location on Fremont and Mississippi. This grand opening was commemorated by free waffles, which generated quite a line, as evidenced in the photo above. Faithful readers of this blog, as well as those of you in North Portland who follow the local waffle scene, will know Flavourspot as Portland's home of the "dutch taco." Here's Dave, servin' up the goods:

There was, of course, the obligatory pile of fixies, complete with color coordinated rims and top tube pads, chained up out front:

Once we were loaded up with waffle goodness, we headed to Zenger Farm to dig a pig roasting pit for next weekend's Summer Solstice party, then made our way to the Bike-a-palooza bike jousting extravaganza at Col. Summers Park. The event started with regular bikes, followed by tall bikes, then the small bikes. Here we see a competitor readying himself for the mayhem:

And here, the mayhem itself:

And of course, the aftermath:

But not only was there regular bike jousting, this year's event featured pedicab jousting:

And not only did this year's event feature pedicab jousting, it featured NAKED pedicab jousting:

Yeah, yeah, I know, censorship sucks and all that, but while these guys were brave enough to bare it all for the public, in all fairness, they didn't sign on to be blogged. So even though it may be a little out of keeping with the spirit of naked pedicab jousting, I figure it's only right to enlist everyone's favorite poison control icon to stand in for their naughty bits...

And speaking of naughty bits, mine will be on full display this evening, starting at 11:59 pm, which is when Portland's installment of the World Naked Bike Ride begins. For those of you who will be there, I look forward to baring it all with you in the name of protesting Big Oil. As for the rest of you, gather your courage for 2009!

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Anonymous said...

I trust your ride was uneventful. Where but in Portland could one find naked jousting? One could get hurt! LGS