Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amy Goodman Broadcasts From Stumptown!

While we PDXers are increasingly wary of all the media attention our fair city has been garnering of late (we've already been the next Seattle, and we're more than a little put off by the popularly held notion that we're becoming the next San Francisco), fans of the Rose City and independent media can't help but beam with pride at having Amy Goodman send Democracy Now! out to the world from our little corner of the Pacific Northwest. Goodman is criss-crossing the country on one of her frequent national tours, and stopped by Portland for a KBOO fundraiser earlier this week. While here, she broadcast Tuesday's show from what I would presume to be KBOO's studio. She interviewed local war protesters and tax resisters Pat and John Schwiebert, Reed College Political Science professor and torture expert Darius Rejali, and two of our esteemed local bicycle advocates: contributor Elly Blue and Scott Bricker of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. As if all this weren't enough, Goodman didn't once mispronounce "Oregon." Keep up the good work, Amy!

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