Thursday, September 13, 2007

Run For Your Lives! Take Cover!! Or Suffer the Wrath of... NEWZILLA!!!

Since I moved to Portland eight years ago, I've become something of an inner city kid. Apart from the odd venture out to Beaverton to hit up Uwajimaya, or the occasional trip to Lake Oswego to hang with my cousins, I don't tend to stray very far from Portland's urban core. That said, I do head a ways out Foster Road every Thursday evening to tend to the chickens at Zenger Farm. So this evening, after locking said birds up safely in their coop and collecting their eggs, I headed to Happy Valley, a suburb a bit south of the farm, to pick up some supplies at the most recently opened location of Portland's favorite organic/local/sustainable grocery store chain, New Seasons.

Now, I love New Seasons as much as the next Portlander, but this place might just be TOO big. It's gigantic. No, gigantic doesn't begin to cover it. It's GINORMOUS! No, wait, that doesn't do it justice either... it's SUPERNORMOUS!!! It's by far their biggest store. It goes on for miles. It's even bigger than Uwajimaya! Really, the place is huge... Home Depot huge! If you're in that part of town, check it out. It's pretty impressive. I was impressed, anyway.

Of course, as you know, New Seasons also carries non-food items, such as kitchenwares, Nalgene bottles, and... dog leashes! So naturally, I had to pick up a souvenir for Burke:

The skull and crossbones motif perfectly suits his dark and brooding personality...


Trisha said...

Is it Meijer huge? And your dog is all emo?

Julie Ann said...

They have a word for it in French: Ubermarche. (Accent aigu on the final e.)

tommy said...

Not Meijer huge, but definitely much bigger than the grocery department of a typical Meijer!

Ubermarché... that pretty much sums the place up. Think of a very large Whole Foods or Wild Oats.