Monday, July 23, 2007

Paella on the Grill!

I've done paella a zillion (five or six) times on the stove top in my big ol' six quart saute pan (yeah, you heard that right, six quarts, baby!), but I was inspired to do it the grill way by Kathleen over at Good Stuff NW. I inauguarated both a new paella pan and a new grill with this preparation. And if that ain't enough, this was a test run for a dinner I'll be preparing for some friends coming in from Toledo (Ohio, not Spain) next week. An aligining of the stars... or something like that. At any rate, damn, that paella was tasty, as well it should be. You really can't go wrong with paella, but still I have to take some pride in this undertaking.

Buon Appetito, people!


Trisha said...


It looks yummy. Did you find cooking on the grill difficult? While I hate fish, I am not opposed to seafood, fancy that.

tommy said...

Not really, although getting the flame to the right intensity was a little tricky at first. I did did saute the shellfish, as well as the sofrito (onions and tomato) on the stove, and I steamed the mussels on the stove as well, but I sauteed the peppers on the grill and added in the rest of it. This is actually a pretty good recipe, one I'd encourage you to have a go with. I'll e-mail you the link to the recipe off-blog.