Friday, June 8, 2007

Zucchini (and Solanae) Gone Wild!

The zucchini seem to be doing pretty well. Those are they, with the enormous leaves just behind the snap peas in the foreground... It's difficult to see, but behind them are the cucumbers (Burpless and Lemon) and the peppers (Cal Wonder and Red Beauty).

I'm amazed that I'm actually getting any of these plants grow, and yet they are. Exciting stuff. My tomato plants are going crazy, and are even beginning to bloom. I've got Siletz and Green Zebras up front, Oregon Spring behind those, and San Marzanos in the background:

And here we see the herb garden, coming along nicely:

No, I'm not growing any "Herb"... I've got some Basil (Purple Osmin and Genovese), Flat Leaf Parsley, Chives, French Tarragon and Thyme.

I'm astounded that none of these plants are dead yet, as I really have no gardening skills whatsoever. I'm totally flying blind. We'll see how long I can keep 'em going...


Anonymous said...

keep the basil going and make me some pesto when I come out in the fall! I'm totally impressed with the garden, would that I could do the same! LGS

The Guilty Carnivore said...

I started with some container gardening a few years back at my old place and I was similarly suprised that everything went nuts. I thought I was a green thumb!

Then every year since everything has gotten progressively worse. Maybe I upset the Gods.

tommy said...

Mmm hmm. Bad juju. What can ya do? I have a similar problem with starting plants from seed. I've tried the last couple years, and I can sort of get 'em going, but they're spindly and weak. I threw in the towel this year and bought a bunch of starts at the farmers' market.