Friday, June 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have vegetables!

My plants out back are already beginning to set some fruit. It's sort of hard to see, but in the center of the photo there's a pretty good sized Oregon Spring tomato. Here's a shot of the other Oregon Spring bush:

I've got a couple small Green Zebras, and the San Marzanos are starting to produce as well. Nothing from the Siletz yet (that was the last tomato plant to go in), but it shouldn't be long before I see some results there. I've also got some snap peas:

There's a little activity going on over in the Zucchini and Cucumber departments, but nothing worth a photo yet. No peppers so far, but they like it hot before they'll produce anything, so it'll be a while on those. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some weeding to do...


Anonymous said...

Send the peppers to Saginaw and they'll produce immediately if heat is what they need! LGS

Trisha said...

Tommy, I realize this is the Internet but do we really need to see pictures of your spring bush? Ay-oh!

I ate some Greek cheese triangles in your honor today, aw... Greekfest.

tommy said...

Tiropitas! Make sure to have some dolomathes and saganaki with that... and wash it all down with some Miller Lite! I do miss the Greek Fest. We have one here but it's not as big a deal as the one in Saginaw, and I always seem to miss it.

I've actually become quite adept at making my own tiropitas in the last few years... It's time consuming but not particularly difficult.