Sunday, October 11, 2015

Food Cart Project Part XXXI: More Plumbing!

I got back into the plumbing in a big way this weekend. The water heater arrived, and my first step was to get it mounted to the wall. It came with a template for placing the screws, so this was pretty easy:

I also picked up a faucet this weekend. No big fancy wall mounted hose or anything like that, just a simple faucet. Getting it all shored up behind the backsplash was a little bit of a production, as the sink is set into the counter rather than mounted directly to the wall, and the faucet's not really designed to be mounted directly to the backsplash, but I managed to get it sorted out:

After that was done, I moved the sinks and their counter out of the way, and got back to work on the cold line. I got that into the water heater, and ran the hot line out as well:

Here's what that looks like with the sinks back in place:

The lines aren't attached to the faucets yet. I may run flexible braided stainless lines to them instead of connecting them directly to the pex, which you see sticking upward. Still mulling that over. The last order of the weekend was to get the drain pipes in place. None of this is glued yet, it's just roughed in, and the piece going down to the floor is a stand in. Once I have the gray water tank mounted, I'll cut out a hole in the floor and run a longer length of pipe down into it. But this is more or less what it's going to look like:

So, next up is ordering an exhaust hood, getting that installed and then contracting an electrician to get this thing powered up.

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