Friday, August 8, 2014

Food Cart Project Part X: Plan Review Illustrations

I've taken a break from the food cart project in recent weeks (okay, months), in the interim having prepared for, taken, and recovered from a greatly anticipated and well deserved vacation in Northern Michigan. But I've now returned, and have thrown myself back into the fray. The latest phase of the project involves what ought to have been the first phase of the project, i.e. the Multnomah County Plan Review. This is basically the procedure by which you pitch your idea to the authorities and they give it their yay or nay. It's a pretty big step, and one that requires no small amount of preparation. And preparation is what I've been busying myself with this week. A big part of the plan review process involves scaled drawings of the cart itself, construction plans, and lists of equipment, ingredients, etc. I figured that you, my faithful readers, deserved a sneak peek before I send these off to the county officials, so I present to you my framing schematics, interior layout and exterior drawings. These represent the "bones" of the cart, as well as a general idea of what it will look like once said bones are fleshed out. To wit, my illustrations...

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