Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food Cart Project Part III: Down to the Frame!

We've gotten a run of good weather this week (sorry, Midwesterners), and I was able to get out this afternoon and do some more demolition work on the trailer. Loosened the rest of the bolts, ripped out the rotten plywood that had been serving as a floor, and voila, the Cow has now been stripped down to her frame:

And a nice frame it is, I have to say:

A little rust here and there, but on the whole it looks pretty solid. Obviously, that tire in the foreground will have to be re-inflated or, more likely, replaced, and the bearings will probably need to be repacked. So, at some point in the next few weeks I'll take it to a shop and have it brought into proper working order.

In other food cart related news, I managed to get in a little more research last weekend in San Francisco. My friend Justin picked me up at SFO and we had lunch at Yamo in the Mission District. I sampled their lahpet thoke (very good) and their mohinga (also very good, but mine's better). I also have a pressure cooker on the way, which I'll be employing in the making of stock. So, things are moving forward...

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