Friday, December 7, 2007

Somewhere in Antiquity, a Goat Begins to Dance

If you live in Portland, you've undoubtedly noticed that there exists here a remarkable proliferation of coffee shops. And being as I'm currently studying for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists' certification exam (and will be for months to come), I'm spending a lot of time in those coffee shops these days. Today's outing was to Crowsenberg's Half and Half. I like this place. It's tiny. It's funky. And Neil Young was rockin' the sound system this afternoon. I couldn't resist taking a photo.

And now, a few bits of local coffee shop related gossip:

• The Red & Black cafe has, according to their website, signed a lease for a new location on SE 12th and Oak, presumably the old Anne Hughes Kitchen Table space:

The R&B was ejected from its previous space by a bunch of greedy motherfu... I mean, the North Rim Development Company. I think the new digs will suit them just fine. And, it's within walking distance of my house!

• The paper is still up in the windows of Billy Wilson's new place. Will it be called Albina Press Too? Or Hawthorne Press, perhaps? Will it ever open? Just what the hell are they doing in there anyway? Incidentally, Billy recently took top honors at the Northwest Regional Barista Competition in Seattle, for the second year in a row. Congrats, Billy! Now open your new shop already, damn it!

• Word has it that Stumptown may be opening an outpost in New York in the "SoMa" (South of Macy's) branch of the Ace Hotel, come 2009. Can London, Paris and Tokyo be far behind?

In unrelated news, border collies are amazing... I discovered today that the unusual noises Burke's been making while I'm trying to sleep recently are due to the fact that he's taught himself to unscrew the knobs on the drawers of my dresser. I'm not kidding; I found two of them on the floor this morning!

That is all... Go drink your coffee.


kab said...

As far as coffee, I'm rather fond of Caffe Destino on the corner of 14th & Fremont, and when I want to stretch my legs (or get the dogs off my lap) I'll walk down to Blue Gardenia on Mississippi.

And, you're right, border collies are smart. And busy. Corgis (particularly Cardigans) are smart, too, but not as busy. Much better for us!

Anonymous said...

Someone else has a Cardigan Corgi? Mine will eat anything- needles, model RR glass globed streetlights and a 4" ladder (intact!), etc. They are wonderful dogs. LGS

kab said...

Yes, we are out there. Several in NE PDX, apparently. And as I've said many times, Corgis are very very hungry. Cardigans particularly. You can see ours here.